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Multi-purpose apps have seen a significant rise in these past couple of years. Reducing the need to download many apps, having several functions under a single program is more efficient. With Video-sharing platforms gaining popularity the downloading of video editing apps to produce attractive videos is frequently seen.

Vidmate Inc has developed software that encompasses both a social media platform and video editing function. This software is called 'Vidmate' whose community has been continually expanding and also known as India's top free video editing app.



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Showcases video making and editing talents of its users providing them an opportunity to share their interests and become a social media star. By using the features the app holds fantastic videos that are produced and uploaded that can be appreciated by many people using this app.

Derive your inspiration and gain knowledge by watching videos whose contents vary from educational to entertainment to promotional. The Vidmate app is a platform for all these types of videos that can attract people's attention easily which can be obtained from the astounding 9Apps library.

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  • Editing tools
    : cutting edge editing tools are provided to modify videos captured or downloaded according to your preference. Also, have access to 300+ stickers and filters that enhance the mod of your video.
  • Effects: easy to use effects are provided such as slow-motion, fast-forwarding a video and many more that will transform an ordinary clip to an eye-catching video.
  • Video-Sharing: Vidmate app also provides a video sharing platform to upload videos and view others as well. Follow the accounts of your friends or interesting videos and like, share and comment on the videos.
  • Languages: This amazing app is available in multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Odia, Bengali and more. Avail this app through your home language and view content regarding your state.
  • Music tracks: listen to and make videos on original music from a wide range of genres.
  • Recommended: using modern technology the app analysis your watch history and generates videos into your feed that are in synch with your tastes.
  • Share: Produce professional videos and show off your skills to others with the option of sharing videos to any other Social media app or downloading in on your device.



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An interesting feature brought by Vidmate is the concept of a super hour. The chance of its users to win prizes every day at 1 pm. By participating in contests and completing tasks earn the chance to win rewards instantly. This popular feature helps the users to gain points that they can use to win wonderful gifts.

Create funny videos or perform duets or lip-synching battles using this app as a video maker and upload it to gain thousands of followers online. Get to know like-minded individuals and make connections through this application, also learn information about good deals and offers on items as well as life hacks and tips pertaining to living a healthy lifestyle.

The Vidmate app has proven to be a very useful multi-purpose app forum for video sharing and video editing. One can download this App from the esteemed 9Apps where there is a large number of apps and games in store to download.

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